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Specialty Automobile Insurance

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Specialty Automobile Insurance Information

Your classic car is anything but basic, so why would you trust your car's protection with a basic auto insurance plan?

With specialized Classic Car Insurance, your car is appreciated in the way it deserves from the start of the insurance process. We begin by insuring your vehicle for a set value, also known as the "Agreed Value". After we agree on this established value of your vehicle, in the case of an accident or total loss, you will be paid in full for the dollar value of your car listed on the policy and your car's value will not be lowered or adjusted for depreciation or normal wear and tear. Under a typical auto policy, your vehicle would be covered as Actual Cash Value, and as opposed to receiving a value initial established at the time of registering your auto policy, you vehicle would only be covered for the Actual Cash Value based on today's market price set by the insurance company and further depreciated for wear and tear.
In the event the vehicle is damaged, under a Classic Car Policy you are able to take the vehicle to an auto shop of your choice and the insurance company will pay the repair bill with no hassles over shop rates and custom parts that typically will occur under a basic auto insurance policy. Another benefit of arming yourself with classic/collector car insurance is that a policy will cost a lot less than a regular insurance plan. This is mainly because the vehicles are generally driven a lot less by the owner and will be better  maintained which will result in less claims that are filed.  



Coverage Highlights:

Agreed Value Coverage:  Coverage where the insured and the insurance company agrees on the value of the vehicle and the value cannot be depreciated at the time of a total loss.
$0 Deductible:  At the time of a claim there will be no money out of your pocket for repairs.
Unlimited Mileage Plans:  No restriction on how many miles you drive your classic car (as long as it’s used for show, car cruses & pleasure driving).
Towing & Labor:  Coverage for towing or roadside assistance if your vehicle gets disabled.
Expert Claim Service:  At the time of a claim you take your car to the shop of your choice and have it repaired correctly.



Types Vehicles We Cover
Antique and Classic Automobiles
Muscle Cars
Street Rods, Pro Street Vehicles
Exotics ( Ferraris, Corvettes and Vipers )
Professionally Built Kit Cars
Hot Rod & Custom Cars
Vintage Race Cars
Vintage Fire Engines
Military Vehicles

Eligibility Requirements
 Not a Primary Usage
Stored in a Locked Garage
Collector Type Vehicle

  Good Driving Record



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